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***, "So, from speaking their truth to leaking their truth? Everyone must have known that the fire incidence will become the talk of town and Meghan will be dragged. Harry fell head over heels in love. A person filled with regrets of what couldve been, living with the constant fear the end will come sooner than any type of reconciliation will. Not only against some of the studio bosses who dismissed her as another second-rate actress, but also against everyone else who failed to appreciate her immense talents. Are there really kids, and if so, are they really theirs and living with them? She would have to do two years study to get the masters, and would need a bachelors degree to be eligible to do it - all in all 5 or 6 years studying. Skipping the pap walk was smart. Because everyone needs to see a hedgehog having a bath! Archive - Harry Markle Blog New Top Discussion S P A R E ~ A Book of Rantings And Inconsistent Memories Stacks of books, and few queue for the launch of the memoir Jan 10 242 60 Minutes Of Waffle And Whinging Ver ahora (13 sec) | TOS does some PR for his book, and is waiting for his family to apologise to him Jan 9 173 Its a veritable cesspit of filth out there and Im no prude. Meghan Markle has been roasted on social media for saying she thought being asked to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II was a "joke" as a video of her close friend Serena Williams performing the gesture . Reunions and reconciliation interviews always captivate the masses. Q: Meghan, why did you say in your engagement interview you had never heard of Harry before you met him? - The Tale of How a Prince Was Conned and Made to Look a Fool by a Grifter ~ Please DON'T COPY AND PASTE OR READ OUT (On YouTube) ARTICLES without PRIOR permission. I wonder if theyre already big picture planning for 20+ years in the future so the two gowns are related in some way. The Sussexes are like Putinisolated, and no one wants them around but everyone must be civil to them through gritted teeth. On 19 May 2018 Meghan Markle married Henry Windsor, descendant of Henry VIII's older sister Margaret (for whom 'Meg' could have been an informal nickname). January 10, 2023 4:00pm. On the other hand, when I look at TM, I see someone completely different. Q: Harry, how does any of this help to heal the rift with the royal family, particularly your brother William? And I'm guessing that if Harry scared off the big investors, his time with Better Up is growing short. In that space, she took every opportunity appropriate to praise her father. Posing for the Paps he called. WATCH BELOW: Prince Harry admits he is ashamed of how he handled Meghan's mental health confession. - Why the global death count didn't change in 2020, - Why Covid didn't wipe out the homeless population, - Why billions of healthy people were quarantined for the first time in history, - Why Covid avoided places that didn't lockdown, - Why a piece of fruit and a goat tested positive, - Why the majority of positive cases at the beginning of the pandemic were people who hadn't left their homes, - Why Covid was the first virus in history where the majority of people who supposedly had it were "asymptomatic", - Why lockdowns did NOTHING to slow the spread, - Why the vaccines did NOTHING to slow the spread, - Why we've seen an 1,100% spike in myocarditis in children, - Why football stadiums were filled with maskless people while our children were muzzled in the classroom, - Why the violent riots of 2020 weren't "super spreader events", - Why the MSM doesn't cover the millions of adverse reactions and tens of thousands of deaths reported to VAERS, - WHY "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" WERE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT, So many of the comments mirror our feelings here in the US. Hollywood has 'had enough' of 'increasingly toxic' Harry and Meghan after LA event snub Prince Harry's tell-all memoir Spare continues to divide public opinion on both sides of the pond. The waiting crowds cheered themselves hoarse. He only got one A level - Art - and that was because his teacher did his coursework for him as her secret recording of him proved. Super vague and simplistic-, We Address and Manage The Following: Is my loved one safe? Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire! Who will advocate for your loved one, around healthcare concerns? Plus, their website looks like a high school kid set it up. Adrift but undaunted in Toronto, she orchestrated a new start. On the one hand, I do empathize with TM. Serena is working on her next chapter and any press attention will help. Note that the essay dates jump around. A rift that could fuel the press and keep her in the news. I know who I am. Instead of taking the route literally everyone advised her to take, she chose her own path. I don't want this to impact on our relationship - what is the best way to handle it ? it doesnt say anything about how popular she is. Everything gets recycled and repeated every single freaking month and none of it feels or sounds real. And the Harry Markle blog mentioned that Megs was not invited to the dinner with investors, so it must be something completely unrelated to her. As someone on the investor side of things, I agree fully with this post. When TM replied to MM, he said in his letter that they should just suck it up and pose for a photo to quash the rift rumors. A parent, whose only crime was loving their child too much. However, I dont think she has actual talent or skill at anything but opportunism, and I think shes really stupid in that as soon as shes successful at anything she ditches the person who got her there. Hello, to all you beautiful people! We'd need to break into their accountant's office (just kidding!!). The Shady Side Of Meghan Markle. What makes me side eye a possible divorce is sending Nacho out to rave about how happy they are. He is like the biggest groupie of their hate club. That is usually a death knell last gasp. 1. For starters, that big bump isnt, as I thought, when the relationship was outed. Are medications being managed? What changed? This was all before Meghan was on Suits so she could not have supported her, and also there are reports that she was working for other companies during this time. according to the harry markle blog's most recent post entitled "angry harry and the end of archetypes" dated november 28th, "tos (aka harry) has been making the rounds to promote his memoir at a dinner party the weekend before last (19 november) that was attended by investors, potential investors, and business associates .most of the guests were It builds this animosity and creates this ongoing saga of drama that the media thrives from. And there was no way that they were driving an hour out of central London that afternoon and an hour back. We are on Twitter too @SMM_Mod. 482 years separate these two days, but not much separates the doomed queen and the blushing bride according to some. Why on earth doesnt the RF reveal the truth about Pegs? And she is obviously biracial not . Someone else understands what's going on. Even when her own father told her exactly what he wanted to end the press coverage and interviews, she didnt. Bragging about killing, details of his frost-bitten penis, admitting he was a bigot, and being ridden by an older woman (not Me). Nobody in the 21st century uses written letters to argue long distance. Q: Why did you agree to a lavish wedding watched by the whole world but didnt want a royal title for Archie? If normal procedures were followed then Meghan, as effective manager of the employees, should have been spoken to at the time. Would it be fraudulent to set up a company claiming that you have qualifications that you do not have? Amid the gunfire, many are sad that Harry has been turned against his family. Brexit seriously eroded the UK's reach and they don't have the EU connection anymore, so they are down to the Commonwealth and NATO. Is she an evil genus, lucky, a hustler, or just great at surrounding herself (paying) with the right(ish) people? Misleading & Divisive" Content In Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Interv. I got curious and decided to figure out what caused thebumps. That was actually harder than I expected. They all have to do with either Harry or the rest of his family. Some articles are perennials andget pushed out every month (style sisters with Kate, IG pics of Corys apartment, food/travel expert). She was raked through coals in the comments section and public still thinks she was part of the 5 friends who talked to People mag. Share Article. I think shes also smart in that she is game for anything and can recognize a golden opportunity like Harry (or Selena or Priyanka, or Oprah or Tyler Perry) and hold on for deal life. My daughter just came home with a pierced nose (right nostril)- and I don't like it ! I think she is wearing the same dress from the event where Meghan got held back by the guards at BP for Charles investiture anniversary. Harry is cognitively challenged. We hear conflicting info regarding communications between TM and MM and PH. Even I managed to understand it. I know we want more, and we want it now, but we must have patience. While the nuts and bolts of BetterUp may seem kind of irrelevant (and my apologies if I've been a boring finance geek! It doesnt mean that. Some areas of my belief need reconciled, and my thoughts on this are only opinions. Welcome to our snark sub on faux feminist Saint Meghan and her disciple Woke Prince Harry. A parent who knew, that by investing in their child, they would later reap a bountiful yield from said investments. Q: Harry, dont you think its odd youve never met your father-in-law Thomas? Trooping isn't until June but that got announced in December, which is fascinating. Meghan the Leak - October 24, 2019 Her decision to move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor hinted at the breach with the Royal Family. The truth is, I believe that MM and TM are not only cut from the same cloth, but they are also covertly operating in tandem with one another. They both , It has been snowing in the UK recently, but apparently BP was so hard up on recruiting staff that they had to go outside and hire a bunch of slushy snowflakes for their pitiful PR team. I decided to check if Megs others signaturearticles were also on a pattern. Later worked as a yacht girl for Jeffrey Epstein, lived with Cory the celebrity chef in Toronto until she was introduced to Harry, the poster boy of white privilege. Until five years ago, her most recognised credit was featuring in a Canadian TV soap called Suits. Many say its MM's way of justifying her ghosting behavior. In the UK, we had the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance on Saturday evening which was a splendid event to celebrate and thank the armed forces. It will take years and it will be camouflaged as a "reorganization" or "rethinking" of the organization (everything military is now in flux as the establishment analyzes the implications of the Ukraine war) but he's going to be out. (Polite? Dishonest Duchess @dishonestduchess. Heres her Google trend line since October 1st: That big peak is late October/early November. Stop biting my nails. Like everyone else in Meghans self-centred world, their sin is to have rejected her wishes. None of this matters to the US, except for one: the military function. WOW thank you so much I'm truly honored. It's a big, big deal, not just for him but also for the UK government and the royal family. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle WILL REGRET Oprah Interview. Before retiring, I was a professional portfolio manager, so I have an idea of what those investors and potential investors would have been thinking at that dinner. While I am busy editing and reformatting all the articles over the past few years (there are nearly 500), I will be posting fewer articles, and will post shorter updates here instead.

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